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The room is a cocoon that is equipped with various furniture essential to its comfort. Bed, headboard, wardrobe closet, bedside table, dresser, chiffonnier... Find in this article our list of essential bedroom furniture.

Bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture: the bed

The bed is a furniture simply essential in a room. There are today for all tastes and for all ages. To each his solution:

  • bed 1 or 2 places;
  • bunk bed and mezzanine;
  • baby bed, child bed and progressive bed (adaptable according to the age of the child);
  • electric relaxation bed (removable bed base)...

Bedroom furniture: the headboard

The headboard takes all possible shapes and imaginable and exists in all subjects. No limit of hues and patterns since everything is here conceivable:

  • headboards made of wood, metal, fabric, etc.
  • painted headboard;
  • padded headboard;
  • headboard with storage...

Bedroom furniture: the bedside table

The bedside table is a small cabinet with drawers that is installed next to the headboard. We find all shapes, colors and materials according to the aspirations of each:

  • wood, plastic, metal;
  • square, rectangular, rounded;
  • fixed or on wheels;
  • color wood, gray, painted...

Bedroom furniture: the wardrobe

The wardrobe of the room is used as a wardrobe (or dressing) and can store clothes of its occupants. Dimensions and shapes of the cabinet vary here according to the needs:

  • 2, 3 or 4 door cabinet;
  • wardrobe with sliding doors;
  • equipped with 1 mirror;
  • equipped with drawers;
  • equipped with a wardrobe;
  • integrated lockers...

Bedroom furniture: the dresser

The chest of drawers in the bedroom is a low cabinet with wide drawers that is used to store laundry (or various objects). Its look adapts to all tastes:

  • wood, plastic, metal;
  • square, rectangular;
  • raw wood, gray, painted

Less known, the ragman. This cabinet with drawers higher than wide is also intended to store laundry.