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With a rather high yield, this type of sander does not do in the half measure. A machine especially intended for working on large flat surfaces.

AEG HBS 1000E Belt Sander


Maker: AEG
Reference: HBS 1000 E
Absorbed power: 1,010 W (230 V)
Size of the band: 533 x 75 mm
Sanding surface: 145 x 75 mm
Speed ​​of the band: 240 to 450 m / min
Sound level: 98 dB (A)
Weight: 5.1 kg
Accessories: delivered in a case with an abrasive belt and a connection for vacuum cleaner
Price generally found: 199 Euros (eco-tax included)

Features of the tool

Getting started
At first glance, we note that the manufacturer has particularly cared for the ergonomics and aesthetics of the machine. The rear handle and trigger are rubber-wrapped. The rotational speed is regulated by an integrated wheel on the top of the handle, accessible with the thumb at any time.

At the front, an additional handle contributes to the grip. Its fixing by screwing on a kind of rail allows a blocking in three positions (it is provided by a small Allen key housed in the rear handle).

The sanding belt is changed very quickly. Indeed, the usual lever that releases the tension of the band is here largely sized. Shrouded for comfort, it can be maneuvered effortlessly. The same goes for the ease of use of the centering wheel of the abrasive belt.

With a good capacity, the fabric dust bag can be replaced by a vacuum cleaner supplied in the case.

On the maintenance side, access to the contact brooms of the electric motor is done without complicated disassembly: just turn a cup with a flat screwdriver.
The 4 m power supply cable offers good freedom of movement, very useful for sanding parquet. The very gradual starting of the motor avoids "going away" with the machine. Then, the running speed of the band remains constant during sanding.

First observation, the work progresses quickly on raw wood and the large surface of contact allows to obtain a regularity of aspect... As long as one sands without forcing on the machine and by "walking" it without stop.

If the comfort of the grip is undeniable, the integrated turbine of the dust suction system can not attract everything to the canvas bag. As a result, wearing waterproof glasses is essential for working without having tears in your eyes. A problem that disappears completely when the unit is connected to a shop vacuum.


Progressive starting, fast pace whatever the medium, good grip and ease of band change. A compact and powerful machine.

The lessers

  • Dust extraction system with the only canvas bag inefficient.
  • Changing the position of the additional handle impractical.

Our opinion

With its ergonomic design rather successful, this machine offers a good sanding performance. Quickly mastered, it allows an effective roughing. But the equipment can also work in finesse.

Use the belt sander

Use the belt sander

At work on a horizontal plane, the 5 kg of the machine are forgotten very quickly. Just focus on guiding to get a smooth surface.

Change the abrasive belt

Change the abrasive belt

Changing the abrasive belt is a breeze. But the change of position of the additional handle is more restrictive: it must be unscrewed with a key.

Video Instruction: Обзор ленточной шлифмашины (BELT SANDER) AEG HBS-1000 E