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Multiple battery sander


Reference: sander "PRIO"
Recommended price: 79,99 Euros
Nominal voltage of the battery: 7.2 volts
Battery Intensity: 1 Ah
Charge time: 33 min.
No load speed: 20,000 rpm
Diameter of the oscillating circuit: 1.2 mm
Surface of the sanding tray: 104 mm2
Weight: 700 gr, battery included and without the base.
Equipment: delivered in a presentation box with transparent cover, with three abrasive sheets, and the base acting as a charger and storage for some sheets.

Handling: a particularly neat ergonomics, with a non-slip coating on the palm and a groove on each side that helps to place fingers. The on / off switch on the front of the tool is easy to maneuver with the tip of the index finger. A good point for the LED system that tells you the level of charge during use.

Use: lightness and good grip allow you to work effortlessly. The triangular front pad sneaks almost everywhere and we have a vibrating sander quite versatile.

Noise level: still reasonable for a sander with 76 dB (A) average.

Notice: clear, with some tips for choosing abrasive sheets.

2 years warranty


  • The lightness and the absence of "wire to the paw" are the two strengths of this small sander.
  • Well presented, in a kind of case transparent hood, this machine with slender lines should appeal to women who tinker.
  • The lithium battery recharges in half an hour and has no "memory" effect.


  • The machine has a suction connection port, but if the sanding is dust-free, the vacuum hose can be felt to be a nuisance when operating the sander.
  • A sufficient power for the finishes but a little fair for the work of roughing.


A rather flattering presentation and ease of use that should make it a future standard for DIY women. In use, the sander is comfortable for small jobs and finishes. For larger sanding, it is better to equip a classic model sector, more powerful.

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Video Instruction: Bosch PRIO 7.2V Cordless DIY Li-ion Multi Sander