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Dedicated to grinding and grinding work, this drum has a rotating base motor base: it pivots in both directions from 0 to 45°. An advantage when the place is missing.



Maker: Mejix
Reference: GTW 1501 Profiline
Power: 430 W
Vacuum speeds: 120 rpm for the water wheel and 2,850 rpm for the dry wheel
diameter: 200 mm for the water wheel and 150 mm for the dry grinding wheel
Bores (fixation): 20 mm water grinder, 13 mm dry grinding wheel
Lighting: halogen 15 W
Accessory: wheel stand
Price generally found: 89 Euros

Product test

Getting started

Apart from the installation of the spark arrester, the parts guiding device and the gluing of the stand support to the engine block, the device is ready for operation when leaving its packaging. To work safely, it must be fixed on a bench or a stable worktop. Provide a set of two bolts and the same number of nuts (ø 8 mm) for fixing the unit.

In this regard, the most practical is to unscrew the two bolts clamping the rotation of the reel plate to release it from its base. This way, you can mark and drill the tray of the workbench or worktop. Once the reel is repositioned, you can turn it 45° to one side or the other. The two bolts lock in the desired position. This principle makes it possible to work constantly "by hand".

But do not count on these 45° to place the drain valve of the water tray at the edge of the tray. After a sharpening session with the water wheel (the largest), it is necessary to separate the drum from its base to successfully empty the water.


As a safety measure, wearing protective glasses and gloves is recommended. The start is progressive and the wheel quickly takes its speed. During the grinding session, the motor develops a sufficient power to compensate for the friction force... Provided to work normally, that is to say without bluing the metal (the smaller the piece and the more the heating of the metal is fast). Descended as close as possible to the grinding wheel, the spark arrester protects projections and its transparent screen leaves a total visibility on the work area. The small guide plate helps to maintain the right angle of attack and the lighting is very significant if you do not have a well-lit workshop.

On the sharpening side, the water wheel rotates much more slowly. The 120 rpm is a good compromise to ensure regular sharpening, without spraying water by centrifugal force. No problem filling the water tray by gently pouring the liquid on the grinding wheel. The edge of the tray has a series of notches to help guide (the back of the sharpening blade can easily slide). This device does not replace an adjustable guide: it offers more latitude, especially in difficult cases.


  • If there are drums similar enough in this category, it intends to mark its difference with its system of rotating base. The rotation makes it possible to find the right working position.

The lessers

  • No switch for lighting; an impractical dump; the top edge of the water tray helps for guidance, but an adjustable guide would be better, especially when one lacks experience in sharpening.

Our opinion

For a still reasonable price, we have a complete drum, ensuring the grinding and sharpening. His +: he is able to turn on the base to facilitate some work. On the manufacturing side, this good-quality Asian production comes with a 3-year warranty.

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