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The connected home is today the focus of many homeowners. But what are the principles and what do they allow? Thanks to home automation, it is now possible to manage all the equipment in your home remotely to define how it works.

A connected home will bring you security and comfort but you will also save money, especially on your energy bills. With your smartphone, tablet or computer and receivers in your home, you can direct everything that happens in your home. Turn on or off the heating, trigger your alarm, consult your water consumption... in a smart home, everything is easier!

The assurance of a secure home

Have you ever left the house forgetting to set off your alarm? With a connected home, you can do it remotely! You will also be able, if you have surveillance cameras, to know what is going on in your house in your absence. With some powerful models, a call is made to a security company during an offense. These modern alarm systems will be useful during your working hours but also when you go on vacation: it is more relaxing to leave your house when you know that it is well protected.

A connected house with every comfort

Close your shutters by staying in your sofa, start heating before going home or prepare your coffee from your bed, all this comfort is now accessible with a smart home. This type of home creates the feeling that your home takes care of you, thanks to a few simple clicks. And when working, it's nice not to have to think about the management of the house!

Save money with your facilities

If setting up a connected home may seem expensive at first, know that it will save you money. For example, a light that triggers only when motion is detected is a light that will not stay lit in an empty room. With certain offers, your electricity bill will adapt even according to your usage: the data of your consumption will be directly transferred to your energy supplier. From your smartphone, you can monitor your energy use and thus harmonize your needs and expenses.

Home automation has made a lot of progress today: this development is a boon for man and his comfort but also for ecology. A connected home will fit perfectly into your environment for the happiness of the whole family!

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