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Technical Benefits of Monomur Brick

The Monomur brick (here Calibric®) meets the current and future requirements of thermal regulation. This system, without installation of complementary insulation, allows to realize works whose qualities of comfort, durability and health are today unequaled and allow to reach the performances of the "low consumption" defined by RT 2012 and the Effinergie labels.

Eager to facilitate the act of building, Terreal continues to respond perfectly to the requirements and expectations of professionals in terms of quality and installation efficiency, by developing new accessories, able to deal with all the singular points of a book.

The thermal resistance of Calibric® Monomur

A very good thermal resistance already allows to build in the respect of the future thermal regulation RT 2012.

Thermal inertia

Thermal inertia

The thermal inertia of the Calibric® Monomur material dispenses with the installation of air conditioning for summer, and allows a reduction of heating consumption during the winter.

Thermal bridges

Thermal bridges

The perfectly efficient treatment of thermal bridges prevents the formation of condensation in the walls. The comfort inner temperature is maintained throughout the day and night.

Opt for a healthy home

The absence of condensation on the walls of the house makes it impossible to provide the moisture necessary for the development of micro-organisms. A well ventilated Calibric® Monomur house is therefore the guarantee of a healthy habitat.

Building a sustainable home

The walls are thicker, identical to the old buildings. The mechanical strength is excellent. The product does not degrade over time, which guarantees a maintenance of its good performance.

Monomur brick for a sustainable house

Monomur brick for a sustainable house

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