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I have moisture problems that started almost 4 years ago. 1° intervention a CTA (Murprotec) 2° intervention the following year because the problem persists, setting up a barrier of capillary upwelling which was to solve the problem... well no partition separative living room / kitchen always wet, has the following water leak, flood, in 2008 after a drying time of nearly 6 months tapestry work and our surprises. February 2009 rebelote partition still wet on a height of 1.20m I called an expert and the report is surprising, according to its conclusion (the film under-slab) that is in the ground and the concrete slab would be torn from where the infiltrations... on this partition; not knowing what to do... I appeal to your competence to solve my problem.

You really miss luck, but your case is interesting because it illustrates what I keep saying: find the origin before treating the causes.

1° the CTA (air handling unit) was not likely to have effects since your problem was not a lack of ventilation but infiltration. Bravo the so-called experts... 2° The barriers against the capillary rise only work when the stone is porous or the joints wide. But once again it does not seem like your house was suffering from capillary rises. Re-congratulate the so-called experts.

If it is confirmed that it is the bottom sealing of the soil of the house that is involved must: - see if you can not drain around the house to remove the water that goes under your house; - possibly redo the ground by placing under the screed a sheet of polyane.

The visit of a real expert seems useful to me...

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