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    The PVC gutter

    Modern material, flexible and cheap: focus on PVC. Thanks to its simplicity of use, the PVC gutter is installed under many roofs. But until when? Back on the PVC gutter, its aesthetics and its characteristics. Aesthetics of the PVC gutter PVC is a plastic material whose coloring process is simple.

      Square gutters

      If the gutter is primarily utility, it is important that it is also consistent with the style of the house. This is why the square gutter so often dresses the roof edges of contemporary houses. It seduces with its modernity without sacrificing efficiency. Square gutters The characteristics of the square gutter The square gutter is part of the family of hanging gutters.

        The eavestroughs

        Discrete and efficient, the eavestrough eaves, will protect with great elegance the walls and foundations of your home from the fallout of rainwater. Despite a certain aestheticism, the Le Havre gutter nevertheless can not be installed on all roofs. Let's discover his strengths and weaknesses.

          Wall cymaises

          Rather than keep your walls perfectly smooth, it is quite possible to offer your pieces an original relief, allowed by the wall moldings of which the chair rail is part. Definition, usefulness and aesthetics, available styles, pose and price... the wall rails in detail in this article.

            Ground stake

            The picketing of your land allows construction professionals to prepare for future construction. Picketing is done by a surveyor, and should not be confused with the demarcation. What is picking a piece of land? This is a survey operation performed by the surveyor.

              Foundation pouring

              The purpose of the foundation is to support the entire construction and must be well done. To build a foundation, you have to pour concrete into a trench or a dedicated site. Concrete preparation before pouring foundations There are several types of concrete: choose the one that is suitable for the foundations of your house.

                Sanitation zoning

                Each municipality has the obligation to establish a sanitation zoning. The dwellings are thus divided into zones, attached or not to the collective sanitation network. Legislation, study and zoning plan, the explanations to follow in this article. Remediation obligation and zoning study Remediation obligations have been defined for 22 years by the Water Act (1992) and Decree No. 94-469 (1994).