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Black is the elegant color par excellence, which can make you turn it into the dominant color in your kitchen. Dominant color, yes, but on the condition that it is not the exclusive color and that you bring sufficient sources of light so as not to lack brightness in the room.

Black in decoration: mistakes to avoid

Black in decoration: mistakes to avoid

Do not opt ​​for a 100% black kitchen

To get a black decor kitchenyou can turn to furniture and accessories that will all be deep black to bring elegance and simplicity to the room. You can decide to install a black table, chairs and wall lamps, and even choose a black floor, tiled or solid parquet according to your preferences. However, remember that if black can be the dominant color, it must also be associated with some notes white or another color neutral preferably. So choose white walls, and if your kitchen has beams, paint them black. Likewise, install a few white, gray, or light-colored items, such as picture frames, curtains, or decor accessories.

A black decoration requires to vary the materials

The black must not bring a feeling of suffocation, that's why it is important to vary the materials, and not to hesitate to opt for varnished materials that reflect the lightLike Plexiglas, PVC or metal chairs, which have a modern look and contrast with duller elements. Similarly, do not forget to install elements in noble and natural materials such as wood.

The importance of light with a black decor

The main risk with a kitchen mostly black, it is of course lack of brightness. It is obvious that you will have to vary the light sources and you will need to install them in large numbers. Do not skimp on the suspensions above the table, wall sconces on each wall, or even on a lamppost in a corner of the kitchen. Likewise, vary the types of lamps and opt for both LEDs, allogens, etc. Finally, note that it is not recommended to apply the style of black deco to a blind kitchen, without window, because the contribution of natural light is far from negligible to avoid the lack of brightness.

Black decoration: the risk of getting bored

A black decor offers unquestionably an elegant and refined lookbut before you start, be certain that you will not get bored too quickly. Indeed, the black is a style of decoration which requires not only sufficient lighting arrangements, but which remains also binding because you can only associate the black with a limited number of colors so that the result remains harmonious.

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