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Black work is in fact hidden work, ie undeclared work. In the building, moonlighting is quite common. Learn more about this illegal and sanctioned practice.

Black work in the building

Black work in the building

What is moonlighting in the building?

The moonlighting in the building is actually hidden work. In the presence of undeclared employees, or in the event of a change in the number of hours actually worked, this is known as moonlighting.
In the context of moonlighting, transactions are made in cash Payments are done by hand, so as not to leave a trace.

Black work in the building, as in any type of activity, is a practice totally illegal. Various sanctions may apply, both criminal and civil, if fraud is identified.
According to the figures, it is the small construction companies who most often use moonlighting. In general, all activities are concerned with moonlighting, such as glazing, masonry, painting, and plastering.

By concealing part of their work, building companies benefit from an exemption from their social and tax contributions.

What are the reasons for moonlighting?

Despite penalties incurred, moonlighting remains a common practice in the building sector for several reasons.
For a construction company, using undeclared work is a way of not declaring all the income actually received and thus having a reduced tax rate. It's like saving money.
If undeclared work exists, it is also for the good and simple reason that many projects of work are concluded on this condition, in particular with private individuals. Many homeowners want to renovate or build their homes cheaply. The moonlighting allows them to avoid the payment of VAT and therefore to reduce their overall work budget.

Black work: prohibited and punishable

As an individual, if you resort to moonlighting in the building, you incur a number of risks, such as:

  • total absence of insurance or guarantee on works realized, rendering any recourse impossible in case of poorly done or incomplete work;
  • the commitment of your entire responsibility in the event of an accident occurring on the site;
  • the impossibility of having an invoice or certificate of compliance for the work.

Undertakings that engage in undeclared work are subject to heavy criminal and civil penalties, such as the prohibition of working for a certain period of time, or the obligation to repay contributions. not paid to the State.
The black work in the building is a real loss of profit, but remains difficult to detect.

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