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All existing air conditioners on the market have an indoor unit. This unit contains the refrigerant which is responsible for cooling the ambient air by evacuating the heat to the outside. It is important to choose your location and maintain it regularly to avoid any leakage of liquid, very harmful to your health and the environment.

How does the interior block of an air conditioner work?

All types of air conditioners whatever they are an indoor unit to spread cold air in your home's rooms.
It contains a fan, a heat exchanger and the refrigerant. The fan pulses hot air from the room onto the exchanger in which the coolant is located. This absorbs the heat and transports it to the outdoor unit, which will evacuate it. The cooled air is then redistributed in the room. If you are equipped with a reversible model, the circuit is reversed and your air conditioner absorbs cold air to warm the room. The indoor unit is connected to an outdoor unit if it is a split air conditioner. In the case of a monobloc air conditioner, the indoor unit is completely autonomous and encloses the compressor, the condenser, the fan, the exchanger and the coolant in one and the same device.

Where to install the interior block of an air conditioner?

Before installing the interior block of your air conditioner, it is important to think carefully. Avoid obstructing the tracks input and output of your indoor unit by placing it in front of a beam for example or behind curtains. Also avoid placing it in front of a sofa or in front of a bed because the cold air would come straight to your face. For fixed models, it is better to place them in height on a wall in the middle of the room or where the surface is the clearest. For a split air conditioner, do not worry about noise because the compressor is located outside. A monobloc air conditioner is, meanwhile, a little noisier. Its noise is similar to that of a refrigerator. It is therefore necessary to avoid installing it in the rooms.

How to maintain the interior block of an air conditioner?

The interior block of an air conditioner should be serviced regularly as it contains the refrigerant. If you have signed a maintenance contract, a technician comes every year to check if there is no leak and everything is working properly. In the absence of a contract, this interview is mandatory at least every 5 years. On a daily basis, take care to remove dust on the body of the unit, pipes and air outlets. Also clean the filters with a vacuum cleaner and then wipe a wet sponge about every two weeks during use.

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