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Your boiler broke down. Do you know the origin of the failure? A simple action may be enough to restore the correct functioning of the boiler: correct the pressure or remove excess air in the radiators, for example. But detecting a failure is not always obvious, especially if this failure is not common. It is better to call your convenience store.

The classic failures of a boiler

A boiler failure can have several causes:

  • Boiler does not turn onCheck that it is well supplied with electricity, water or gas, and check the condition of the fuses.
  • There is no hot water: The temperature set on the boiler may be too low. A warning light comes on because the fuel reserve is exhausted: recharge your boiler or storage tank. A valve may be incorrectly positioned: you can put it back in the right position.
  • There is a pressure defect: this can be corrected simply by operating a valve. Air has entered the circuit: you can purge the radiators that make an abnormal noise (without forgetting to stop the boiler beforehand).
  • The thermostat setting is not correct: correct it.The boiler is not properly supplied with water: you can refill it.
  • There is a leak in the piping: try to locate it and see if you can do the repair yourself.Etc.

Attention, these failures also depend on your type of boiler. You may not be concerned by all these points.

Try to detect the cause of the failure by doing some basic checks (power, settings, etc.). If you can not solve the problem yourself, because your boiler is dirty and for any other reason, quickly contact a specialist.

You can not correct the fault: contact a specialist

Call your service company or a heating plumber for an intervention. Evaluate the urgency or severity of the failure. In general, breakdowns occur in winter and the need for heating is important. In addition, boilers present some risk of accident. It is therefore better to have a service technician for your boiler as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, annual maintenance of the boiler is unavoidable and avoids certain breakdowns.

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