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The noises in a boiler can quickly become unbearable on a daily basis, which is why it is important to know where they come from in order to quickly put an end to them. In addition, boiler noise can be indicative of much larger problems, so do not hide them.

Causes of noise in a boiler

When a boiler makes noise, it is very often because there is water that is overheated within it. The condensation which results from this overheating will make noise when it will come into contact with the water of the cooler. The bubbles of water vapor will burst, which will generate a implosion noise which can be very annoying, especially if the phenomenon occurs several times. This bubbling of the water is in most cases due to the deposit of limestone inside the boiler. You will recognize quite easily these sounds that are very similar to small hammers that would be given in the boiler.

In addition, you may hear other noises that seem suspicious to you such as whistles for example. The causes of these can be multiple: a poorly tightened screw, a poorly made connection... The origins of such sounds are thus very varied.

How to stop the sounds of his boiler?

In case the noise of a boiler is due limestone and overheating of waterthey are not worrying and very simple and effective solutions exist. Simply clean the boiler and remove scale residues to reduce noise. Specific cleaners act effectively to eliminate limescale, tartar and other deposits that foul your boiler.
For other noises such as WhistlingIt is better to use a heating technician who will check the entire installation to detect where they come from. It is a safer solution because the problem may not be very serious, but it may be more important. It is especially for more security in the handling of parts and circuit of the boiler, that it is advisable to call on a professional! In addition, as an individual, it is not always easy to carry out all the checks necessary for the proper functioning of the boiler: a technician will be better able to solve your problem.