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Benefit from the performance of an oil fired boiler while achieving interesting energy savings? This is the promise held by the oil fired condensing boilers!

Principle of operation of a condensing oil boiler

The essential difference between a conventional oil boiler and a condensing oil boiler is simple. In a conventional boiler, the water vapor resulting from the combustion of the fuel oil is rejected by the flues.

In condensation models, on the contrary, this water vapor is preserved. And it will be used to heat the water returning from the circuit (radiators) and which is colder.

The interest of the maneuver? If it is the condensed water vapor that heats the return water of the radiators, it is not the boiler that will have to perform this work of heating.

Result: our boiler uses less fuel, for equivalent heating.

Advantages of a condensing oil boiler

The oil condensing boiler is enjoying growing success. The reasons for such success are numerous:

  • An economical boiler. Preventing the boiler from reheating the water returning from the circuit saves a lot of energy: from 20 to 30% compared to a conventional boiler.
  • powerful. By the very fact of its operation, the oil condensing boiler obviously has a very high efficiency: greater than 95%! It is ideal when you want to quickly heat a big house.
  • Ecological. While the environmental performance of conventional oil-fired boilers was rather mixed, oil-fired boilers emit less CO2 and are more environmentally friendly.
  • Interview. The maintenance of this type of boiler may be cheaper than the maintenance of a conventional oil boiler: about 100€.

Disadvantages of a condensing oil boiler

The disadvantages of the oil condensing boiler are inherent in the fuel that it uses... They are therefore almost identical to those of a conventional oil boiler, namely:

  • An expensive starting installation. To benefit from the advantages of a condensing oil boiler, it is necessary to envisage between 3000 and 5000 €, expenses of installation not included. Note that this can be offset by a tax credit.
  • The need for space. To supply our boiler, you need oil. That needs to be stored in a rather large tank size. Oil tank that you can either bury in the garden, leave outside or put in a well ventilated room at home. Anyway, it will take space!
  • The price of heating oil. The problem does not come from the price of fuel oil itself, but rather from the fact that this price is never fixed, because it depends on the price of oil, which is never stable.

Video Instruction: Grant Vortex Oil-fired Condensing Boiler Installation procedure