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The maintenance book of condominium buildings has been mandatory since the 2000s. This document, accessible to all co-owners, current and future, lists a set of information relating to the maintenance of the building. The detailed explanations to find in this article.

The maintenance book of the building

The maintenance book of the building

What is the maintenance book of a condominium?

Each condominium building must have its own maintenance book kept up to date, rendered mandatory since 2000 by the SRU law.

Sort of technical inventory of maintenance and work done on the building, this document informs the good behavior of the condominium or conversely, reflects its poor maintenance.

The management of the co-ownership should appear more transparent, especially for future buyers who have the information necessary to their choice to engage or not in the condominium.

  • The maintenance booklet is drawn up and kept by the co-ownership trustee, who is also responsible for its updates.
  • It can be accessed by all co-owners or future purchaser, upon simple request to the trustee. Co-owners may also request a copy.

To note: A co-ownership has only one maintenance book, even if it consists of several buildings. Each building must, however, be the subject of a separate chapter.

What information should contain the building maintenance book?

The maintenance booklet of a condominium building must imperatively appear in its contents the following mandatory information:

  • the address of the building
  • the identification of the condominium syndicate
  • the references of the insurances subscribed and their dates of expiry.

Other useful but not mandatory information:

  • the dates of implementation of the major works, such as: a refurbishment, a change of boiler or elevator, a facelift, a modification of the pipes, etc.
  • the legal notices of the various companies in charge of the works,
  • the reference of any insurance-damage-work in progress,
  • the references of the various maintenance contracts assigned to collective equipment and their expiry dates,
  • a schedule of possible future works, already voted by the general meeting of co-owners.

To note: any additional information requested by the general meeting of co-owners (which will have been voted by a simple majority) must imperatively be included in the building maintenance booklet.

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