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Small enough to fit in the glove box, this device can quickly recharge a battery by simply plugging into the cigarette lighter socket.

Black & Decker BDV040 Wireless Start Booster


Maker : Black & Decker
Reference: BDV040
Constant power: 8 amps
Output voltage: 12 volts
Internal battery: 3 sealed lead-acid batteries of 6 V 3 Ah
Charge time of the device: 40 hours for full charge the first time
Charge time of the vehicle battery: 15 to 20 minutes
Weight: 3.4 kg
Dimensions: 23.5 x 8.5 x 15 cm
Accessories: plug for mains charging
Price generally found: 69,90 Euros (eco-tax included)

What is it used for?
When the battery is too weak, the turn of the starter key results in a shy rotation of the starter which stops immediately. The first reflex is to find a pair of jumper cables and a "donor" vehicle. Look no further: storing this "booster" in the glove box or the trunk, you have a reserve of energy able to help you out. Simply connect the device to the cigarette lighter socket and wait. This waiting time (which can range from 15 to 20 minutes) allows the discharged battery to recover enough energy to then start. Equipped with a 12-volt outlet (placed on the top of the unit), this portable battery can also charge a mobile phone, MP3 player and any other 12-volt electronic device.
The device has three buttons with a light (on / off, boost, recharge) and a single button to turn on the LED lighting. To recharge the booster, you must plug it into the mains, press the "on" button and then "recharge". The first time, the manufacturer recommends to leave the device in charge long enough (about 40 hours).

A first test was carried out by negative temperature (- 2° C) on a diesel vehicle (2.5 liter engine) whose battery was too weak to start. The booster was plugged in 5 minutes only: this modest charge allowed to start the car. Another test at a milder temperature, but on a vehicle whose battery was so low that it did not even allow to turn the starter slowly took about 20 minutes to drive the car.

The charging principle is simple. Note that you must unplug the booster before starting the vehicle. On some cars, it is necessary to put the ignition on so that the cigarette lighter is under tension. In this case, leave the ignition on while charging the booster.


A quick charger for troubleshooting but also a portable power source to operate devices in 12 volts.

The lessers

Before buying, consult the manual of your car. Indeed, some recent vehicles have integrated electronic management systems that do not support any external energy input.

Our opinion

Space-saving, the booster avoids to stay in case of heavy discharge of your battery. It remains to be checked on the manual of your car that there is no incompatibility with this direct charging mode.

Storing and passing the cable

Storing and passing the cable

A housing allows to store the connection cable to the cigarette lighter. The hatch even has a notch for the passage of the cable when it is closed.

Start and end of charge

Start and end of charge

Once the device is connected to the cigarette lighter socket, press the power button and then the booster button. When the battery is recharged, an audible signal sounds.

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