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Between the rain, the cold and the wind: when winter comes, it is better to ensure the tightness and insulation of the front door. Focus on the bottom of the door, your ally for warm winter nights in the house.

What is the bottom of the door for?

A door sill is a long batten, the width of a door, which is fixed on the inside of the bottom of the door. The bottom of the door is used for several reasons:

  • insulation: fixed on the entrance door, it allows to isolate the door and the house from wind and cold
  • sealing: it improves the tightness of the door to prevent water leaks inside the house
  • do not lose heat: it also prevents heat loss, and therefore energy losses. No need to heat the outside!

Any space that passes water, air or heat must be filled with a door sill.

The different types of door sill

To isolate your door, there are different solutions:

  • the foam bottom of the door, otherwise called a bead, to be nailed on the door
  • the bottom of the adhesive door
  • the bottom of door to screw
  • the swiveling door sill or pivoting sill bar that lifts when the door is opened to prevent wear
  • the bottom of the door brush
  • the automatic plinth that rises on opening and adheres again to the door when closing

How to put a door down?

Whatever the door sill used, here are the essential steps for its installation.

1) Measures: Arm yourself one meter and measure the space between the bottom of the door and the floor, and the width of the door.

2) The preparation of the door: remove all residues and dirt, or the old sill if there is. It is necessary to clean the door before installing the door sill.

3) The preparation of the door sill: Check the length of the door sill in relation to the length of the door itself, and cut if necessary. Then delimit the positioning with a pencil or fix it with thumbtacks while waiting for its final installation.
To optimize its positioning, it is important to cover the entire space between the floor and the bottom of the door (without it rubbing the floor, it could wear quickly)

4) The installation: Depending on the model of door sill chosen, proceed with the installation. Screw, adhere or stick!

Video Instruction: How to Install a Bottom Door Seal