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The bottom of the door protects your house from cold, water leaks, wind. It is an indispensable tool when the winter arrives. Focus on the adhesive door bottom for easy and quick installation.

What is an adhesive door sill?

The bottom of the door adhesive applies, as the name suggests, at the bottom of a door on its inner side. It is used to insulate the house from the cold and avoid drafts, to improve its tightness, and to limit energy losses. Little more: it also prevents dust from infiltrating the house.

The bottom of adhesive door is available foam or with brush. It can fill a space usually of 15 mm between the floor and the bottom of the door. Regarding its length, it can always be adjusted to fit the width of your door.

How to put down an adhesive door?

The bottom of adhesive application is easy to apply. It only takes a few minutes to install it.

1) Take measuresTo do this, you just have to measure a meter and measure the space between the floor and the door.

2) Prepare the door: If the door has an old door sill, remove it and remove any traces of glue and other residues. It is advisable to clean the bottom of the door with a sponge and soap, or to degrease it with alcohol. Then let it dry. This will improve the adhesion of the door sill.

3) Prepare the door sill: check the correct positioning on the door. To do this: position it by covering the space between the floor and the door as much as possible. Attention, the friction of the bottom of door on the ground must not prevent the good opening of the door. Draw a line with a pencil.

4) Put the bottom of the doorThe last step is to remove the protective film from the door sill and then position it on the door, following the line just drawn. It is advisable to remove the protective film as you apply the sill to stay upright. Make sure to adhere the bottom of the door by tapping on the adhesive part.

5) You can then cut the part that exceeds the width of the door with a cutter.

Adhesive door sills are ideal for hard tile or concrete floors. For carpeted floors, for example, friction may peel off the adhesive over time. To ensure its adhesion, you can add two to three screws on the bottom of the door.

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