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When cold winter days come, it may be essential to equip a textile sock. It protects you from the cold and keeps the heat out of the house. Little more: it allows you to better isolate yourself from the noise. Focus on the bottom of textile door.

Textile door sills

Textile door sills

What is a textile door sill?

The bottom door is installed, as the name suggests, at the bottom of a door generally on the inside of the front door. The bottom of the textile door offers thermal protection: it protects you from the cold and limits energy losses by preventing heat from escaping from the house. It can also protect you from dust or even water leaks. The advantage of the bottom of textile door: it allows a better soundproofing of the room.

The bottom of textile door, also called bead is usually designed in foam and textile. It can be 9 to 30 mm wide, making it easy to fill the space between the door and the floor. In terms of length, it can be up to 1 meter and adjusts according to the width of your door. The bottom of textile door is available to slide or nail.

How to install a textile door sill?

For the installation, the process is very simple.

1) Measure the space to be filled between the door and the floor. This will allow you to choose a textile sill rather than another. Then measure the width of the door to see how many centimeters you need, and to adjust the bottom of the textile door accordingly. It cuts easily with a cutter.

2) Remove the old door sill, if there is, and prepare your door. It is necessary to have the new door sill on a clean and dry door.

3) Arrange the bottom of the door covering all the space between the floor and the door. Do not hesitate to slightly crush the textile floor. The advantage of the bottom of textile door is that it does not damage your soil and thus avoids signs of wear.

4) Put down your door bottom permanently. If it is slipping, simply slide it down the bottom of your door. If it is a textile door sill to nail, space the nails every 10 cm approximately. Prefer flat head nails to avoid any incident.

And enjoy a house isolated from the cold all winter.

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