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New paints, layout of space, renovation or redevelopment: during construction, your furniture does not always come out intact! Before you start, it is essential to protect your furniture. How to find a box to rent for his furniture during works? Discover all our advice on box rental.

Optimize space

When working, dust and upheaval are the hallmarks of your home: furniture can be affected by these many annoyances much faster than you think. Protecting them is therefore essential.
Before starting your renovation projects, take the time to protect all your belongings in boxes, away from dust. Newspaper and bubble wrap are your best friends to protect all fragile items.

Store in unexploited spaces

For the storage of small business, untapped spaces are your best resources: under stairs, spaces and rooms, attic, cellar or garage are good places to store some business time work.
When it comes time to tackle furniture, think about larger spaces that can contain your furniture: attic, cellar or garage are often the ideal spaces as a box for rent for your furniture a little bulky and easy to carry.
If you do not have an attic, cellar or garage or that these parts are unusable, do not hesitate to consult your friends, family or neighbors who may be able to lend you a hand during the work. If they have a large house with cellar, garage, they may have the opportunity, the time of work in your home, to store your furniture in a safe place: think about it!

Think about box rentals!

If several storage solutions are possible, choosing a box for rent is probably the most practical and safe solution for your furniture. Indeed, a guard furniture for rent allows you to confine your business and furniture in a secure space and most importantly, to keep everything in one place rather than having to disseminate, then recover your business with family and friends right and to the left. Thanks to a box, you can access different storage spaces: dimensions, accessibility, storage duration vary according to your needs.

To find the box for rent adapted, you can for example turn to the site Ouistock, which offers movable guards and box for rent for individuals and professionals throughout France in exchange for a monthly rent.

Before leaving on a box hire, do not forget to inventory the furniture you would like to store and calculate the box surface you need. In addition, to access the place of storage, some furniture will sometimes have to be disassembled: do not forget to do it before going to the place of storage so as not to be embarrassed once in front of the entrance!

At the warehouse of your furniture, consider protecting the corners and feet, the most fragile parts, with bubble wrap. Cover them with fitted sheets or covers so that they do not pick up dust and breathe.

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