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Hello, we signed a compromise for the purchase of a house 34 years ago. The asbestos, energetic and termite diagnoses were made after the signature and the results are suspensive of the same compromise. We have just discovered the results of the diagnoses: there is asbestos on the 230m ² of roofing but noted without risk. What to do? the purchase price is around 500K €. Breaking the deal? try to negotiate a price decrease if so in what order? Have the roof replacement costed? Should we buy a house with asbestos even if according to reports there is no risk? In addition the insulation of this house and almost nonexistent: double brick + air. Low glass wool in the attic.

Almost all the roofs that were made before January 1, 1997 with "fibro" slates or fiber cement plates contain asbestosbut in small quantities, and more imprisoned at the time of shaping the products. The risk is minimal and is significant only in case of intervention on the roof (breaking, sawing or sanding materials). It is not advisable at most to recover rainwater with this type of roof. On the other hand, all the usual precautions related to asbestos removal must be taken in case of repair or demolition of the roof. it is only in this case (if the roof is to be replaced) that you can, possibly, take advantage of a prejudice justifying a price revision or a breach of the compromise.

Regarding insulation, what you describe can not be considered "inexistent" (a majority of houses in France have a double wall wall or even glass wool in the attic.

Finally, it is surprising that compromise could have been signed without the legal diagnoses (unless, of course, you did not sign it at a notary, but carried out under private seal or in a real estate agency, which I still do not recommend). If it contains a real suspensive clause, you can certainly try to break the compromisebut I wonder if you are exposing yourself to a few risks, since you yourself have agreed to sign this compromise in ways that derogate from current legal obligations.

For all these questions I advise you to get closer to your notary.

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