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I have two terraces tiled (20 and 10m ²) spaced 1m in front of my house, I would like to break the tiles and the coping of the two terraces, then connect them with a slab and then remove a tiling screed on the whole to finally tiled. My concern is that I am afraid that the slab connecting the two terraces (which are old enough) are disengaged from both sides causing cracks in the screed and tiles. What do you recommend?

This can be done by taking a few precautions: dig foundations as deep as those of the previous terraces to fix them, then plan an expansion joint placed over the entire thickness of the slabs to ensure their independence. This seal will prevent any cracks that may result from the differences in materials used on the terraces and their behavior against the elements. Once your new slab is poured, unify everything with a solid screed and put down your coating. Attention everything must be perfectly level.

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