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The windbreak and the screening are essential equipment to preserve the intimacy of a terrace, but also to ensure a good protection against the winds. They settle around the terrace and bring comfort while beautifying the place. These installations can be transparent or opaque and come in various forms, materials and colors.

Windbreak and screening for terrace

Windbreak and screening for terrace

The different types of screens

The screens are generally marketed in the form of rolls of plants or canvases to be put in place. around the terrace. Depending on the choice (more precisely depending on the material and the weave), these terrace protections partially or totally obscure places of prying eyes. There are two main types of models.

1- The natural version

The screen is composed of woven plants and held securely with wire. Among the most common models, we find the wicker and reed canes or the brande (natural plant formation) which is a woven ecological screen. Finally, bamboo is appreciated for its tight mesh and for its aspect "Zen spirit".

2- The synthetic version

This protection is made from synthetic materials, usually PVC. Nevertheless, it is possible to choose a model that mimics natural materials. We thus find green screens or offering a vegetal aspect or even imitating the canisses. With this model, you can select the desired dimming level: medium, high, or total.

Wooden deck protections

Wood screens and windbreaks are particularly aesthetic and effective. While providing a high protection against indiscretion and against the wind, they undeniably embellish the terrace. Wood panels are usually made of fir, pine, spruce or chestnut. It can also be a wooden trellis to garnish climbing plants. In this case, the plants must be quite dense and it must be anticipated that the leaves are usually absent in the garden in autumn and winter.

In all cases, many shapes, colors and patterns are possible, depending on the desires. It is quite possible to customize the screens and windbreaks and combine protection and decoration.

The paintings

Windbreaks and windbreaks can also be made in canvas. It is most often polyethylene or polyester with micro-perforations and having undergone a special anti-ultraviolet treatment. The canvases are particularly suitable in areas very exposed to the wind. Regarding the degree of occultation, it depends on the weaving and the quality of the fabric.

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