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We have a project to build a new house in the Tarn (south west). We try to predict the materials the "best possible" for a house "economical". We had planned to build in brick Monomur 37 which would allow us a good thermal insulation. For some time we have been told that these bricks are not effective and that the best is to provide a conventional construction with insulation from the outside. I can not find any site without bias that allows me to decide. Can you give me your opinion on this subject

I will be adamant: the Monomur terracotta bricks of 37 are particularly effective and insulating, especially in an environment where the climate is not Siberian! In the current state of Thermal Regulation, they are among the few materials that do not require additional insulation. You will find answers in the interview PAROLE AUX PROS Pierre Jonard, President of the FFTB. To be impartial (it is not surprising that the president of the union of Tiles and bricks is favorable to this material), I will add that the cellular concrete and some other materials based on stone pumice, for example, are in the same case. This being the case, the quality of a Monomur terracotta brick construction depends on the quality of their implementation (with a thin joint), described in our MONOMUR ALVEOLAIRE BRICK sheet. Those who praise a "classic" construction (and they certainly think of concrete blockwork) do so because they do not usually master this technique. In any case, it is not wrong to say that a construction in blocks with insulation from the outside will be as satisfactory as another brick Monomur; the fact remains that it is always better to build a well-insulated, coherent construction than a building on which an insulator must be brought back.

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