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Bridging a gap between a wooden lintel and the structural work

Between one of the oak lintels and the top (cement joint 1 cm) was created a space of about 2 cm (over the entire length of 1.40 m and 20 cm deep) The beam to bend (the only one of 5) the construction date of 1978 question: should we inject silicone sealant or other to fill the gap and if so which and what color (colorless)? there will be no risk of contraction of the beam and pushing upwards causing cracks (once filled gap)? I'm waiting for your answer to fix that.

The void can perfectly be filled by a silicone seal, rather of gray tint to blend aesthetically with stone joints. This type of seal retains in time a certain flexibility, it will not prevent possible future movements of the lintel and / or masonry.

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