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Make silverware shine effortlessly

Prepare the magic potion

aluminum foil: deoxidize silver

Line the bottom of a heat-resistant dish (stainless steel or pyrex dish) with aluminum foil (matte side up).

deoxidize silver objects

Pour two large spoons of coarse salt over the aluminum and cover with two liters of water.

Choosing the right water temperature

how to clean silver objects

Place the dish on a baking tray to heat the water (no need to boil).
Totally immerse the silverware.
If necessary, return large pieces.

Remove silver objects from the water with care

rinse silver objects

After a few minutes, remove the silverware with a pickle tongs to avoid getting burned.
Rinse with warm water, dry thoroughly.

Practical tip

To avoid oxidation, keep jewelry and silverware in tissue paper.

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