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When our lock releases us, after having panicked well, we must start thinking about the solutions. The first that comes to mind: the locksmith. Too expensive! The second: smash the door. Too radical! Especially since there are many other solutions to get to open his door despite a broken lock...

Broken lock: what to do?

Broken lock: what to do?

If the lock is broken

We can turn the key inside, nothing happens. The lock is broken and no longer works. Here are the main tips for opening your door despite a broken lock.

  • Remove the cylinder from the barrel. If the cylinder of the lock comes out enough from the door, of course, you can get the cylinder out of the lock. It is clamped together and shaken laterally until it is removed from the barrel. Once removed, we clean the lock, and we try to come operate the bolt with a hook or a screwdriver.
  • Drill the lock. If we can not reach the opening mechanism or dismantle the lock, we will have to drill. Some pierce directly into the lock, others prefer to drill into the barrel. Anyway you have to use a wick of 10 special iron, and drill until the barrel or lock gives way.
  • The extreme solution: tackle the hinges! When nothing works well that you have disassembled everything, you can always open the door "on the other side" by disengaging it from its hinges.

If the key broke in the lock

What's more annoying than breaking his key in the lock of the front door? Fortunately, there are many tips to bring out without having to call the locksmith!

  • The tweezers. If the key pops out even a tiny bit, it can be removed from the lock with tweezers or flat pliers.
  • The key extractor. If you have a lock repair kit, there is a good chance that it contains a key extractor that will allow us to remove it easily.
  • Reconstitute the key. It's the solution left or double! We will glue the part of the key we have left, and position it in the lock until it reaches the part left in the lock. We wait until the glue has taken, and gently remove.
  • Disassemble the barrel (if the door is not locked of course!). Once the barrel is available, we spray a spray of penetrant on the lock. Then we will tap with a hammer on the face of the barrel that does not contain the key.

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