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Electrical standards have evolved considerably in recent years, which is why it is important to consider upgrading to electrical standards when the system is several years old. Find out what the current standards are and what is the budget and the price for upgrading to electrical standards.

Standards to be met when upgrading to electrical standards

Standards evolve, and it's important to make sure we're getting ready an update to the standards in due form. So, be aware that to be certain of obtaining a secure electrical system, you must ensure that the renovation will include the standard NF C 15-100, which is the standard currently in force and that which ensures compliance, as well as safety in order to avoid a dangerous electrical system, because accidents are not rare in this area. So, at the moment of call the professional, remember to make sure that the reference to the current standard appears on the quote, and if you have any doubt, ask him questions about this standard, the materials he will use and accessories that will help secure the electrical system.

Discount to electrical standards: have quotes made by different professionals

A discount to electrical standards generates a certain cost, but prices can vary from one professional to another, especially because the hourly rate is set freely, that different professionals can provide more or less time for the work of setting standards, and this delay has an impact on the final estimate. This is why it is important to ask several professionals to come to to evaluate the work to be done, and you can compare different quotes. Note that these quotes can also be negotiated, so do not hesitate to discuss with the professional of your choice.

The budget to plan and the price of an electrical upgrade

In a quote concerning an upgrade to electrical standards, you must find the cost of materials, the cost of travel, but also the hourly rate of the professional. Generally, we count on average 50 to 100 € / m² for a setting to the electrical standards, the price is thus established according to the surface of your housing. Thus, for an apartment of 50 m², the average price will be 2500 € excluding taxes, and it will be more important if the surface of your home is higher.

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