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To enlarge a family pavilion by privileging the aesthetic aspect of the extension covered with stones of Caen: it is the ambious project to the result to the height of the expectations of our reader.

A stone extension of Caen

What motivated the Le Tellier family to push the walls of its pavilion built in 1995? " NOTWe wanted a kitchen and a larger living area to welcome our friends and family "Says Alain, our reader.
But it's mostly a question of age and a logistics problem Who are behind the project: " The laundry was in the basement, as well as the storage of foodstuffs, from where many tiring trips, which disappeared thanks to the extension. It allows today to accommodate a back-kitchen on one level. »
At the same time, the family also wanted to enhance its heritage: " To give a different aesthetic, we opted for a cutaway roof with a window. »
"I am an experienced handyman but a poor draftsman. I asked one of my nieces to make the plans and prepare the building permit file. "

in-depth disbursement

The work begins with a deep disbursement before pouring the concrete for the foundations (the excavation will receive a double wall).
Our reader got himself at a concrete plant.
Advantages: less fatigue and the assurance of a homogeneous material with consistent quality.

reinforcement blocks of cinder block

The reinforcement of the blocks is done in the rules.
To ensure the good performance of the construction, Alain Le Tellier buried deeply two piles at the right of the pavilion, along the wall of the garage.

mount the breeze block walls

The walls, in blocks of 20 cm, gain height.

scaffolding for safety and quality

To work safely, quality equipment is essential. "It's an uncle who lent me the scaffolding..."

pour a lintel with concrete

Jobsite tip: rather than breaking the wall for the door that will be upstairs, between the pavilion and the extension, the decision is made to prepare the lintel: disbanding and pouring a lintel with a concrete house.
"The project came true thanks to the help of my wife, my family, my friends. Everything happened in joy and good mood! "

making a roof

The existing pinion serves as the foundation for the frame. "I'm always scared that it's not big enough, so I tend to oversize... I put woods 8 x 23 cm and there are at least two too many! "

roof works

The frame completed, comes logically laying rafters, battens and tiles.
Our reader, seasoned handyman, does not fear these works of coverage: "I already have some achievements to my credit..."

stone preparation

After a lot of family sorting and cleaning work, "All the stones were cut to 10 cm thick. "

lay the siding with adhesive mortar

The laying of the siding is done with adhesive mortar, prepared by our reader.
For editing, here again the experience speaks: "I did the same thing fifteen years ago on the walls of the first house..."

grout the stone facade

The quality of grouting is essential to ensure the aesthetics of the facade: "I made a mixture of lime, white cement and Bagneux sand. A local white sand that goes very well with the Caen stone. "

Stones from an old bread oven

The realization of our reader is first of all practical: "This work has extended the deck and opened an access at the rear of the extension, to park the car closer to the door and facilitate the transport of shopping. "
But the aesthetic aspect, including in the technical choices, is also a priority: "Fifteen years ago, I dressed the Caen stone house. I reiterate! " Originating from the region of which they are named, these fine-grained limestone stones come here from an old bread oven. "I dismounted the oven stone by stone with the help of my family! We sorted, cleaned, brushed and cut them in two... "
All family members (but also friends) contributed to the success of the company...

Setting up windows of a self-build

The extension harmonises perfectly with the existing house, thanks to its beautiful facade but also its windows and wooden shutters.
With this exception: "We set up shutters on the gable, hidden behind lintels apparent oak. "

Good to know to build a masonry extension

Mortar: two options

The mechanical characteristics, the hardness, the cohesion and the nature of the stones are very variable, resulting in differences in porosity or differential movements. A good analysis of the stone is essential to choose a compatible mortar.
You can either mix with lime (aerial or weakly hydraulic) and sand compatible, or use a mortar ready to use, homogeneous and often dust free. In any case, it is better to avoid the "sticking" of the mortar with cement...

End of self-construction

building a masonry extension

After the effort, the comfort!

Video Instruction: how to build a brick extension on a house - Day1