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Depending on how you are going to fit a courtyard can be a little piece of paradise or... nothing at all! A court more or less large, more or less concealed between buildings and therefore more or less dark or on the contrary stifling. Yet having a courtyard is an indisputable asset in a house. Let's see how to make your lower courtyard a pleasant and pleasant place to live.

Develop an interior courtyard

Develop an interior courtyard

The inner courtyard, an undeniable asset in a house

Do you know that when he undertook, at the request of Napoleon III, the modernization of Paris in the nineteenth, Haussmann imposed the realization of inner courtyards with U-shaped or L-shaped buildings? Because an inner courtyard is the lung of a house especially in the city. Well-appointed, it is the natural extension of the habitat.
The courtyard is often likened to the patio. But traditionally patio is located in the center of the house. The different rooms of the house open on him. While the courtyard is surrounded by different buildings and can be totally eccentric.

What flooring for your inner yard?

So that the layout of your inner courtyard a success, you must adapt the flooring to the space:

  • For a dry and sunny yard, install a wooden floor. If you are afraid of "all wood", only materialize the dining area or the relaxation area.
  • For a wetter yard, choose natural or reconstituted stone for its authenticity. A nice outdoor tile imitation stone or wood will be a classic decor while concrete slabs bring modernity.

If you have the possibility, use the levels to structure the space: Place the dining area slightly elevated on a wooden terrace for example.
Feel free to play with materials and colors: mosaics bricks or stone, checkered large slabs and pebbles. Let your creativity express itself!

How to dress the walls of your inner courtyard?

What defines a yard are the walls that surround it. So, you have to deal with them. And here too, they can become assets.
Walls of light colors will give brightness.
But you can also punctuate the space with paintings of different colors, trellises, mirrors to enlarge, etc.
And if you really want to escape, install an outdoor wall hanging: An escape to a virgin forest with lush vegetation, a waterfall in the woods or a street in New York? Large wall hangings are UV and weather resistant. They are fixed on the wall with hooks.

Install plants in a courtyard

Even if your inner courtyard does not have soil, you can still install some plantations in planters or large pots. Depending on your style and your desires choose very graphic plants (bamboo, sedge, boxwood, yuccas) or on the contrary let nature express itself.
Protected by walls, your inner courtyard has a micro climate and can shelter more exotic species that would not find their place in an open garden: Palm, banana. Do not hesitate to ask for gardening advice.

The decoration of your inner courtyard

Manufacturers of garden furniture compete for ideas to always offer you more colors and shapes. XXL pots and planters of bright colors will brighten a rather dull yard. While the same gray or beige pots will bring a very Zen sobriety.
Rattan or wicker resin furniture in front of a wall hanging showing a Polynesian lagoon, and you're off on a journey!
of the shade sails colors will protect you from the sun as well as a pretty umbrella. And for the hottest days, adopt an outdoor fogger. It will allow you to refresh a court a little too boxed and confined.
In the evening, LED spotlight or LED garlands will bring light and color. To make your inner courtyard a magical place, install a light table or some pots, cubes or bright balls.

With relatively little means and carefully chosen materials you have just made your inner courtyard a welcoming place where family and friends will be happy to meet you.

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