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I want to build a utility vehicle for the holidays and I ask myself the question of insulation. I am not a fan of the thin insulation condensation generator if it is poorly laid and therefore rust on the body. My idea now is to put cleats on the carcass and then staple rock wool roll in 50 or 70mm. Then in sandwich put a layer of Depron of 6mm between the vapor barrier of the wool of rock and the veneer wood (against veneered 5mm) that I will come to fix on my cleats. My question is this: the Depron is not likely to generate the work of the vapor barrier rockwool and I may have at this point there condensation that will form on the sheet metal of the vehicle? Is rock wool enough? Or should I just put the rock wool, my plywood veneer and glued Depron on the plywood ??? What do you think??? The campers campers all mount an insulation 11 layers between two thicknesses of cleats but that does not seem to me to be a good insulating material !!!!

It is very difficult to perfectly tune a campsite because on the one hand the sheet metal of the body has a high coefficient of thermal conductivity and on the other hand, the various openings (doors, windows etc...) still penalize the insulation. Thin insulation is very controversial and is recommended in addition to insulation according to the opinion of the G20 and CSTB which is on our site. It is however one of the cases where this type of product finds in my opinion its best use The lack of space is to be taken into account: the polyurethane foam whose thermal resistance is excellent, is often a good solution. Remember to insulate the floor!

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