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This reversible bench allows you to garden comfortably or to rest (by turning it over). cuts are made by jigsaw and assemblies made using a drilling kit.

Build a reversible bench for gardening

Practical advice

Level: Beginner
Cost: approx. € 25
Time: 2 hours (excluding drying)
Supplies: 2 laminated boards of 550 x 380 x 28 mm, 1 board of 580 x 200 x 28, 6 trunnions (wood dowels) Ø 8 mm, wood glue, polyurethane varnish.
tooling: Drill, Ø 8 wood drill bit, drilling set, sandpaper, Ø 35 flat drill bit or hole saw.

Our bench consists of a horizontal board (seat) and two trapezoidal uprights. Its handling is easy thanks to the handles pierced at the base of the uprights and in the center of the seat.

The kit allows to drill the housing of the trunnions that connect the elements. To punch edge (edge), wedge the board between the centering stops of the tool. Then swivel it to position the drill guide (barrel) in the center of the song.

The holes are made by inserting a drill into one of the barrels of the kit, three per side. The wick is equipped with a ring that limits the length of the hole. Drop a drop of glue into the slots and push in the pins allowing them to protrude 15 mm.

Lay the seat on the inside of the upright by aligning its edge with the line of attachment. Then place the guide on each pin. Adjust the depth ring to avoid crossing the board and drill through the corresponding vertical barrel.

Glue the three pieces together, assemble and let dry. Sand (break) the edges and apply two coats of varnish.

Build a reversible bench for gardening: build

Pierce the ends of the handles with a flat wick.

Build a reversible bench for gardening: bench

Insert the saw blade into one of the holes and hollow out. Repeat the operation on the other amount.

Build a reversible bench for gardening: reversible

Drill the holes of the trunnions in the small songs of the seat.

Build a reversible bench for gardening: gardening

Place the template on a dowel to place the holes on the inside of the uprights.

Build a reversible bench for gardening: bench

Paste the holes and assemble the elements. Keep them in press with clamps. Remove excess glue with a damp cloth.

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