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Make a brick barbecue

Ideal for your long summer evenings, this homemade brick barbecue will give you the satisfaction of a job well done.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A spirit level
A bricklayer's square
A trowel
A cat tongue trowel
A bricklayer's chisel
A hammer
A plumb line
About 130 refractory bricks
Pre-dosed mortar
A grid
A fuel cupboard

Step 1: Find the barbecue location.

To reduce the risk of fire, it is not recommended to place your barbecue near a pergola or a fence.
To avoid smoking inside your home, do not install the barbecue near a window.
For convenience, choose a flat, concrete or flagstone surface to build your barbecue and install it against a wall.
It is best to place your building as close as possible to the dining area.

Step 2: delimit the location of the barbecue.

Start by checking with the spirit level if the chosen location is straight.
Lay white first-class bricks forming a U. You will place four bricks in the width of the U and three in the lengths.
Once the blank is done, check with the square that the angles and the wall are straight.
Also make sure that the fuel tank can fit into the U. If this is not the case, add or remove bricks.
Then mark the outline of your bricks with chalk and remove them.

Step 3: placing the first row.

Make a brick barbecue: brick

Trowel your mortar and spread the soleplate of your barbecue on the ground at the location of your layouts.
Install the first row and join by shaping flat seams.
Make sure with the square and the spirit level that your rank is perfectly straight.

Step 4: cutting the bricks.

To climb the rows of your barbecue, it is necessary to offset the vertical joints. You will need half a brick per row.
To cut your brick in half, start by drawing your chalk line. Then crack it by tapping on the bricklayer's chisel with the mallet.
Then install your brick on sand or grass then place the blade of your chisel, slightly inclined in the notch of the line of cut.
Then tap the chisel with a sharp blow with your mallet. The brick should normally split in two.
If the brick does not cut, turn it over and repeat the operation on the other side.
If you have an angle grinder you can also use it to quickly cut your bricks in half. During this operation, we advise you to wear gloves and safety goggles.

Step 5: placing the second row.

Add a layer of mortar over the bricks of the first row and install the bricks of the second row without forgetting to offset the vertical joints using half bricks.
Check that your rank is vertical and straight with the spirit level and the square, then do the same for the other rows, stopping at the sixth.

Step 6: the support of the fuel reserve and the grid.

Make a brick barbecue: your

Once the sixth row is installed you will place on each side of the seventh row bricks perpendicular to the others in order to create a support that will maintain the fuel reserve.
Mason the top row normally then for the next row, create a new rack to accommodate the grid, placing a few bricks perpendicular.

Step 7: the last rows.

Make a brick barbecue: your

Then add one or more additional rows above the grid.
If your barbecue is in full wind, we advise you to add at least four more rows above the grid to shelter it.

Video Instruction: How to build a brick barbecue