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I want to install a closet in a room. I leave with the idea of ​​mounting two partitions in plaster tiles. Is it a good idea or is it better? How to fix my plaster tiles against the partition (brick) on which they will be mounted?

It is a feasible idea if you are a good handyman. Plaster tiles are very often used for this type of work. When installing your plasterboard partition, consider laying a resilient floor strip or a U-profile. Dig 3 cm of grooves in the wall to firmly anchor your tiles and ensure the future cupboard is solid. Do not clamp the partition to the ceiling: allow a space of 1 to 2 cm that you fill the plaster.For the shelves, dig horizontal grooves of 2 cm deep and a width corresponding to the thickness of the shelves, facing, in which you will slide the shelves.

For the construction of the partitions, consult our sheet on PLATE CLOSURES WITH DOOR.

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