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To install a corner office for his child is a kind of obligatory passage for all the parents. An arrangement that will even be reviewed several times during the evolution of your little blonde head. Rules of arrangement, tidying up, decoration... our advices to arrange a corner office for a child.

Set up an office area for a child

Set up an office area for a child

The rules for designing a children's corner

Where to install it?

The child's desk must be bathed in natural light, installed near a window. It will nevertheless be necessary to equip the office with a point ofartificial lighting, directed to the workspace.

Which office to choose?

When choosing a child's desk, there are some rules to follow:
1. his feet must touch the ground;
2. the work plan must be broad enough for its business;
3. a distance of 1m between the child and the possible computer screen is necessary.

To note: There are modular furniture that can monitor the evolution of the child without being regularly replaced.

The child's needs for office storage

The storage needs are not the same for a young child or a teenager.

  • The smaller it is, the more the desk should be playful without neglecting the storage space (or so, beware of the mess...). Large pencil pots and small shelves remain essential.
  • When the child grows up, the office area turns into real workspace and equips with storage more important.

The higher the level of study, the more the storage volume increases. Fixed storage is therefore avoided and the choice is preferably made for a evolutionary furniture.

To set up a corner office for children: the decoration

The decor of an office area for the little ones

For a very young child, we advise a furniture with rounded corners and bright colors.
We do not hesitate to decorate the space of multiple playful accessories wall slate type, magnetic table, etc.

When the office becomes a real workspace

It avoids a too charged decoration and favors easily replaceable decoration accessories, as well as clear tones on the walls

To note: whatever the child's age and needs, interior designers can help out-of-reach parents.

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