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Storage room, guest room or teenager, workspace, or even relaxation area, that's just as much possible for an outbuilding. Focus on the main information to know before embarking on the creation of an addiction.

Administrative steps to create an addiction

The passage in town hall is the first step for create an addiction, even before making plans for future construction. The consultation of planning documents allows you to determine what you have the right to do or not about the ground surface of the dependence, its location and its openings, especially in terms of distances from neighboring properties.
In addition, according to the area of ​​the dependenceyou need an authorization from the town hall; the filing of a building permit is mandatory for extensions of more than 20m ². For those between 5 and 20m², a preliminary declaration of work is sufficient. In some cases, the agreement of the neighbors is also necessary.

Finally, since dependence can be used in the calculation of the building, it is advisable to find out about the tax increase (property tax) that it generates.

Building plans to create an addiction

After the first legal information gathered then comes the realization of the building plans of the addiction.
These plans must include: location, area, height, openings, foundations, framing material, floor, wall, and roof insulation, interior design and decor.
Also, depending on the purpose of the dependency, it must be able to electricity and water, thus requiring the realization of buried pipes and the connection to the networks concerned.

As this is a complex process to estimate technically, financially and in terms of personal investment, an architect can be called upon who, in addition to validating the plans, will be able to provide a great deal of advice on the implementation and maintenance of the project. arrangement of the structure or the choice of materials for example.

Implementation work to create a dependency

After decommissioning plans, costing the works, and obtaining any necessary authorizations can then start the construction site of the dependency.

This is done in the following chronology: connection to the electricity and water networks, implementation of earthworks and pouring of the screed, construction of the walls, installation of the roof, installation of doors and windows, insulation. Then comes: construction of partitions, installation of electricity including heating, plumbing, then coatings.

Just as difficult if not more than the realization of the plans, addiction work requires skills in many trades. It is therefore advisable to contact professionals as soon as needed, or even to continue the mission of the architect who will look for companies and monitor the successful completion of the site until delivery.

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