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Following your earthquake show: I own a lot near LORIENT. Are there any regulations to respect to build? And if not, are there any precautions to take? there was a time ago an earthquake 6.1 to 40 km.

The seismicity of France has not suddenly increased. Simply, the harmonization of the European standards, makes that one takes into account parameters concerning the risks of earthquake previously ignored.
This is how several departments in western France suddenly found themselves classified as seismic zones.
In new construction, it is important to comply with seismic standards. Without going into detail, the purpose of these standards is to ensure the cohesion of the building in case of earthquake, and to avoid indoors the use of materials that could injure the occupants. In the departments of the West, compliance with these standards is essentially reflected in the optimization of the foundations, as well as reinforcement of the reinforcements in certain specific points.

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