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My wife and I have a project to build a house on the ground floor. Regarding the masonry, our choice would be on euromac styrofoam blocks. What are the main drawbacks of this type of material? Is it sustainable in time?

Expanded polystyrene boulder blocks have been proven for many years. Not very used in France, they have some success in other European countries, especially in Germany. They require a rigorous implementation strictly respecting the instructions of the manufacturer. They do not present any particular disadvantages. It is essential, in particular, to leave a rigorously level dale. If you are considering a self-build, it is prudent to have the slab done by a professional, insisting on the need for it to be perfectly level, without slopes or irregularities. Once the concrete is poured into the blocks, it is in the presence of a conventional concrete structure, with double insulation: inside and outside. If you are building, you must make sure of the qualification of the company that installs, and apply to a company approved by the brand.

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