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The Japanese garden showcases water, stones and plants, creating a zen space.

What is a Japanese garden? The Japanese garden was the privileged place to get in touch with the gods. It is therefore places where Zen and serenity mingle. They focus on simplicity and miniaturization of plants and decorative elements. It's all about depth and optical illusion. The large trees are placed in the foreground, and the plants are less imposing on the second. For more harmony, the plans are separated not spaces of water, sand or foam, but to connect by small bridges.

Which plants for a Japanese garden? The Japanese garden puts the plants in the spotlight. For a change of scenery, go for Japanese cherry trees. Their flowers will bring sweetness to your garden. Curved pine is also very present in Japanese gardens. It looks slightly like a weeping willow and should be planted near the water. Do not hesitate to plant cypresses, willows, plum trees or even oaks. Concerning the lawn, the decorative foam is generally used because it is thick and of a pronounced green. However, not all gardens are suitable for growing mosses. So you can opt for a shade turf, which will withstand the lack of light caused by trees. For flowers and green plants, treat yourself! Many opportunities are available to you: lotus, azaleas, camellias, hostas, citrus, yucca, Japanese iris, ferns...

The basin: a Japanese garden without water is not a Japanese garden. So you will have to integrate a basin, even small. Decorate the edges of your pond with rocks of different sizes and aquatic plants. If you have the space and the budget, do not hesitate to place natural stone carvings. And why not two or three koi carp?

The alleys : to move between the different spaces of your garden, it will be necessary to create small alleys of sand or stones. Avoid creating angles, but rather beautiful curves. Moreover, placed near the rocks, the sand constitutes a path of isolation.

What elements for the decoration of the Japanese garden? The decorative elements are important to create a serene atmosphere. Forget the garden gnomes, and make room for lanterns, Buddhist statues and other bamboo decorative elements.

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