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Building a garage requires a lot of time, space and especially a building permit. To make things easier for you, make your own carport.

There are different models of car shelters for all budgets. The price depends on the type of shelter you want. A simple pergola in treated canvas, to be assembled in a few minutes only, will cost you about 300 €, while a wooden shelter built by carpenters can reach 8.000 €. Keep in mind that, apart from the light structures such as pergola, arbor in tubular structure and removable, for other achievements, a work permit application will be required.

You can build your own carport yourself by leaning on one of the facades of your house. To do this, anchor a wood failure in the load-bearing wall, while vertical poles will support the other side of the roof. Between these posts, fix a second fault. Then, to connect the 2 parallel purlins, fix rafters on which one will nail the battens and cleats. Finally, consider installing a rain screen before laying the tiles.

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Video Instruction: How to Build a Wooden Carport