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Build a dry stone wall

To keep an embankment or decorate the garden, dry stone walls are built with little means, but require many hours of work.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools and materials needed:

Large stones of various sizes
Gravel or small stones
A shovel
A pickaxe
A groomer
One meter
A level

Step 1: the foundations

Build a dry stone wall: stone

To stabilize your wall, it is better to dig foundations about 30 cm deep.
Then fill your trench with gravel or pebbles, then tamp them with a snow groomer.

Step 2: the bottom of the wall

Choose large flat stones for the bottom of your wall, knowing that the base of the wall should be wider than the top.
Make sure your first stone line is straight using the spirit level.

Step 3: Laying the stones

Build a dry stone wall: your

If the arrangement of stones is extremely variable depending on their size and shape, however, it is advisable to follow some simple but essential rules.
Set up your stones in a methodical and precise way, making sure that each pebble is supported by the others.
Fill the interstices between the stones with chippings.
If necessary, stabilize large stones by shimming underneath smaller stones.
The interstices between the stones must never be superimposed from one row to another.
At the top of the wall it is better to install heavy stones.

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