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A stone wall can be built in a garden to delimit two spaces. Although it is advisable to call in a professional, it is quite possible to proceed with the construction of the wall yourself, however respecting some basic rules.

Build a stone wall

Build a stone wall

The foundations of a low wall

The first thing to take care of before building a wall is the digging of the foundations. These must be twice as wide as the wall. Depending on the height of the latter, the depth can go up to 30 - 40 centimeters. For a job well done, it is necessary to define the space with small ropes stretched at each corner and held by stakes.

After digging, you can pour the concrete. If possible, it is best to use a concrete mixer for preparation. Pour first 10 centimeters before disposing concrete bars related with each other. This step ends with a trowel equalization. It must then be allowed to dry for at least three days.

Place benchmarks

After having set up the foundations, we must now consider the construction of the wall. But this construction can not be done without having placed various landmarks which will facilitate the continuation of the works. Depends on width of the wall (usually 35 centimeters), it is necessary to have two poles centered at each end of the foundations and to stretch strings between them, every 25 centimeters to act as a guide. Since the foundations are wider than the wall, the poles should be well centered.

Sort the stones

Before building a wall, it is necessary to sort the stones that must interlock well with each other. We must then carefully choose the stones that, unlike bricks, will not be homogeneous. Given their irregularity, we must select the most compatible between them. In all cases, the longest will be placed in height, the smallest are placed in the center while the most regular will be arranged at the corners.

Build the stone wall

Finally comes the moment of the elevation of the wall. After having prepared a small quantity of mortar, it is necessary to spread it at the level of the foundations. Then place a corner stone before arranging the following throughout the string previously set up. The base of the wall is thus put in place. Attention, it is important to check that the angles are vertical, using a plumb line or a spirit level. Think about embedding the mortar between each stone by checking the verticality systematically.

If all these explanations seem too difficult to achieve, the only solution is to call a professional mason by comparing several quotes to opt for the best quality / price.