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When changing the decor and layout of your home, it may be necessary to install a new wall or partition to create a new living space or make the room more functional. Although masonry walls seem more robust for outdoor use, plasterboard is ideal for the interior of your home and requires light preparation to accommodate a new floor.

Construct a wall or partition as part of a renovation

Construct a wall or partition as part of a renovation

Masonry wall or plaster partition?

If you want to create a separation or build a new room in your home, you will have to build a wall or a new partition and choose first of all what material it will be made. Breeze-block and brick walls are very appreciated but they ask to call a professional construction and are a little more constraining to put in place. To build an interior wall, there is another much simpler method: plasterboarding. This method is much simpler and allows to mount a new partition in record time.

How to mount a plaster partition?

Plasterboards are very popular because they are relatively light, cut and ready to receive a new coating. To begin, mark on the floor, the wall and the ceiling, the location of the future partition thanks to a chalk line. Then mount the frame by attaching horizontal rails to the floor and ceiling and placing the uprights. Remember to align the set with a plumb line. Then cut the plates to the correct dimensions if necessary and screw them on the metal frame. Hide the joints before going to the finishing step.

Building a new wall: finishes

Once the plasterboard is correctly laid and aligned, it is important to prepare the wall well for new flooring. The first step is to pass a smoothing coating to further perfect the surface of the partition. Sand lightly with fine-grit sandpaper and dust off properly. Then go to the application of the sublayer. It closes the pores of the plaster and ensures the good adhesion of the future coating. It is recommended to apply a second coat to better prepare your support. Plasterboard adapts to all situations and accepts paint, wallpaper, glass and decorative coatings.

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