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Do you have an empty space under your stairs? Take advantage of this space to create an office: whether it is a staircase with or without risers, there are solutions to create a comfortable work space, with the help of a few planks and without forgetting adequate lighting.

Arrange an office under the stairs

Arrange an office under the stairs

Directly install the desk under the stairs

If your staircase does not have risers, you can install directly an office on feet You will have previously measured the height and length of the space you have under the stairs. So, this installation will be fast and simpleand you will enjoy a pleasant and comfortable office space.

Hang a board under the stairs

If your staircase has risers, it will be more difficult to install a desk to mount. So you can consider the installation a board that you will fix against the wall and under the risers, respecting a height adapted to the user of the office. You will find rough wood planks that you can paint or not according to your preferences, planks already painted, or even stainless steel boards if you want an original and modern office.

Office under the stairs: do not forget the lighting

Office lighting is crucial, and this is especially true for an office under the stairs, which has less natural lighting and is located in a small and naturally dark space. Similarly, it is imperative to avoid glare with too aggressive and unsuitable lighting: you will have to make sure that the lighting in the room in which the office is located is sufficient, for example by installing a ceiling lamp, but you will also have to provide accent lighting directly on your desk. Favor the lamps with articulated arm and whose head can be oriented according to your needs. Similarly, opt for halogen bulbs or white LEDs whose light will be pleasant.

Integrate storage spaces

Once your office is under the stairs, do not forget to install shelves above to benefit from spaces dedicated to storage. Keep a certain height above the desk so that these shelves do not interfere with the user, and extend the risers to make the result harmonious. Similarly, you can use empty spaces under the desk to install cupboards and drawers to store your belongings.

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