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After acceptance of your building permit file, you must now display the information on your land (in case of new construction) or on the building (if existing). This step is mandatory.

The posting rules of the building permit on the property

The display of the building permit on the property is mandatory. So you have to affix a sign on the facade of the building, or directly on your land, as soon as the town hall has notified you its agreement, even if you are not yet actually the owner of the land. The sign must stay in place for the duration of the project, and can not be removed until the end of work declaration. It must be perfectly visible by the residents.

It is important to display this sign as soon as possible. Indeed, the first day of posting of this sign marks the beginning of the period of 2 months during which a neighborhood remedies against the building permit is possible. If you think that a request for appeal is likely, it is important to have a bailiff notice the installation of the panel.

Which mentions should the regulatory panel include?

The panel regulation must be rectangular, and its dimensions must be greater than 80 cm. This sign must include, in a legible way:

  • the name of the beneficiary,
  • the name or corporate name of the beneficiary,
  • the date and number of the authorization,
  • the nature of the project and the dimensions of the land,
  • the floor area and the height of the building.

An extract of Article R-600-1 of the urban planning code concerning the rights of appeal must also be posted on this panel.

Other information may be indicated depending on the particular case. In any case, the information must be completely and correctly indicated, otherwise you risk criminal sanctions.

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