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To build a garage, the building permit is sometimes essential. Before being obtained, it must be the subject of a well-defined procedure.

What is the purpose of the building permit?

A building permit is required to build a garage of:

  • more than 20 m² on a plot of land in a municipality that does not have a Local Urban Plan,
  • more than 40 m² on municipalities with a PLU,
  • If you do not know if your municipality has a PLU or not, or if you do not know if it is in force or not, do not hesitate to call the town hall or to go there to get the information.

In other cases:

  • for all construction less than 5 m², no document is not necessary. However, it seems obvious that such a space is too small to accommodate one or more vehicles,
  • if you plan to build a garage of twenty to forty square meters, a preliminary declaration of work will suffice. The construction threshold authorized by the declaration will depend on the existence of a PLU in force or not in your municipality.

Concretely a building permit:

  • guarantees the conformity of your project with the town planning rules in force in the municipality. Indeed, before being validated it will have previously been studied by the authorities concerned,
  • you will build a garage of more than 40 m²,
  • it will also allow define the elements that will be used to calculate property taxes or taxes.

How to get a building permit for a garage?

To obtain a building permit, you will need:

  • Fill the Cerfa form n° 13406 * 03 then build a folder. This form is available free of charge at the town hall,
  • submit four copies of the application, either by filing them directly at the town hall or by sending them by registered mail,
  • know that the instruction of the building permit is free, as well as its delivery. However, for an individual who would like to build a garage greater than 170 m² or for a building whose owner is a company, it is necessary to call an architect. His fees will be borne by the owner of the land,
  • have a two-month training period.

Once the two months have passed, if you get your license, you will have to:

  • deposit in the town hall a form of declaration of opening of site, also known under the initials DOC,
  • display during the works a sign visible from the public road and located on the land concerned. This one will have to specify your coordinates, those of the ground and the nature of the works. It must remain in place until the end of the project,
  • note that the building permit has a period of validity of two years from the notification of authorization. Once this period has elapsed, the building permit becomes obsolete and the procedure must be renewed.

It is also possible that the building permit will be refused. Note that:

  • the silence is worth tacit authorization. In other words, if after two months you have not received any response from your town hall, it is that your request has been validated. However, in order to ensure its validity, consider asking for a certificate indicating that your application has not been rejected,
  • missing pieces may explain a rejection. In this case you will have to build a folder again,
  • any other reason for rejection will be clarified by the municipality. You will then have to contact this one to try to find a solution.

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