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Although ecological, the establishment of a domestic wind turbine can have an impact on the environment, whether visual or sound for example. Thus, in some cases, it requires obtaining a building permit. How do you know if you need to protect yourself from this formality? Questions answers.

When should I apply for a building permit for my wind turbine?

Obtaining a building permit is mandatory from the moment you want to install a wind turbine whose the mast is greater than 12 meters in height. This obligation applies to professional installations as well as self-manufacturing and kit wind turbines.

In addition, if you do not have to have a building permit for a smaller wind turbine, you must nevertheless ask to perform a declaration of work near your town hall.

Where and how do I apply for a building permit?

The interlocutor to apply for a building permit depends on the purpose of your domestic wind turbine. Indeed, if it is intended to provide the electricity necessary for the consumption of the home, you must contact your town hall. In addition, if you plan to resell all or part of the production of your wind turbine, you must then make your request to the prefecture of your department.

Also, your application file must contain several pieces, which must be produced in 10 copies each, as the ground plane your installation including all the characteristics of your wind turbine, and a notice or impact study showing its impact on the environment (visual, sound, wildlife...).

Finally, if you can build this file alone, it can be tedious and complex to achieve, so it is advisable to be accompany a professional to put all the chances on his side.

How long can I have an answer to my application for a building permit?

The study of an application for a building permit for a wind turbine installation takes on average 3 months upon receipt of your file, provided that it is complete.

In addition to the building permit, do I have to complete other formalities?

Indeed, your approach to install a domestic wind turbine must be accompanied by other legal formalities, such as neighborhood information or authorization to connect to the electricity grid in case of resale of energy production.

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