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My neighbor (we are separated by a narrow alley), he has the right to reopen a window condemned for several decades without a building permit. From our living room, we have a bird's eye view at home which is very inconvenient for us.

Talk to your neighbor first about the inconvenience. You may be able to find an amicable solution...

Many windows were walled in old houses between 1792 and 1926, during which time the openings were taxed according to their size and number. I think that we can reason according to the thirty-year prescription (acquisitive), considered so to speak "upside down", and consider that a wall in which a window has been walled for 30 years or more is considered as blind, therefore without a window. Your neighbor did not, therefore, it seems to me, the right to re-open this bay without a building permit or, at least, without prior declaration of work, and especially without your opinion...

By opening this window again your neighbor will modify the external appearance of his facade, so he will need an administrative authorization.

You will find all the texts governing the problems of openings by following this link: //

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