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The building permit valid for division follows the same rules as a conventional building permit, except that it is a plot of land on which at least two dwellings will be built. This land must be divided into parcels before the completion of the work. Certain conditions must be respected in order for a building permit valid for division to be valid and not to have any effect on the owners.

Building permit worth division

Building permit worth division

What is a building permit worth division?

A building permit worthy of division is the fact of build on a single lot, several buildings. In order to qualify for a building permit worthy of division, there must be a single piece of land owned by a single owner, who will then give up part of his land to other owners after dividing the land.
It may also be an owner who will give up his building permit partially. Finally, builders buying parcels of the same land can also apply for a building permit worth division. In this case, they will have to build together the common equipment. The persons making such a purchase become full owners under the same conditions as the traditional building permit for their part of the land as well as the building on it.

The division must necessarily intervene before the completion of the works. It is this last point which distinguishes the building permit valid for division and the subdivision since it is the subject of a division of the land into lots, on which will be constructed buildings which must first be the object of a building permit.

The procedure to be followed within the framework of a building permit worth division

To can divide a land, it will be necessary to call on a surveyor who will be able to note the new surface resulting from the division.

With regard to the division procedure itself, there is almost no difference with the building permit as to the steps to follow to obtain a building permit worth division. The file is also to be filed with the husband who will instruct him within the legal period.
However, some additional information needs to be provided. Indeed, the file must contain a division plan as well as the accuracy of a trade union association of the purchasers in the case where the project would comprise common ways. This association will be responsible for ensuring the maintenance of common areas.

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