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My question is about the license valid for division! Living in the Alpes-Maritimes, the land is very expensive and I would like, if possible, to buy a land to 2 to divide and build! Is it possible to benefit from this permit as an individual? And what are the steps to take? Knowing that the main question is: how to buy land to 2 to limit its cost because I will not be able to buy alone? Is it feasible?

It is quite possible but quite complicated. This option is governed by a new article of the Town Planning Code (Arts 431-24). You can make an appointment with the ADIL closest to you, who will advise you for the steps to take for free. Otherwise consult a notary who will guide you professionally and can follow the transaction by advising you at best. In the meantime you will find the new provisions for this type of building permit on the OFFICE NOTARIAL website.

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